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At Northwood Advisors, we have a passion for building successful teams and companies. Our comprehensive recruiting and retention services deliver superior results, making it easy for you to hire – and retain – extraordinary talent. Our services are tailored to meet your needs, taking as much, or as little, of the recruiting and retention process off your plate. Then we stick around to help new hires get integrated and start adding the value you saw during the interview process. Our fees reflect our partnership; we don’t get full payment until you know you’ve hired the right person.

Suzanne Stauder, Principal & Chief Talent Officer:
“It has been incredibly rewarding to help build and strengthen capability areas and high performing teams as an internal Recruiting and HR leader for the past 20+ years. I’m thrilled to now work alongside our growth-minded clients to build their organizations, applying lessons learned and best practices in recruiting process and strategy, onboarding and retention.”

Myron Weber, Principal & Chief Solution Architect:
“I'm excited to focus on the organizational side of the equation. I love delivering operational decision-making solutions for our clients using innovative technology and advanced analytical techniques, but when projects fail to deliver lasting value, it's because they don’t have the right team in place for internalizing and sustaining the change. This is the next and logical direction for our firm.”

Recruiting & Retention Services Provided Typical Search Firms Northwood
Help You Determine Key Roles Needed and When (Hiring Plan)  
Create (or help create/update/review) Job Profile varies
Validate Ideal Job Profile
Perform Market Research (as needed) varies
Source, Screen & Present Candidates
Identify Most Qualified Candidates through In-Depth Interviews;  
Build Relationship with Candidates varies
Manage/Facilitate Interview & Evaluation Process  
Provide Interview and Onboarding Tools & Coaching  
Advise on Key Recruiting & Retention Issues & Best Practices  
Develop, Extend, Negotiate & Close Offers varies
Conduct Reference Checks
Deliver Recruiting, Onboarding & Retention Scorecard*  
Mentor New Hires on an Ongoing Basis  

*Northwood’s Recruiting, Onboarding and Retention scorecard quickly assesses and identifies the highest value targets to create a great environment for top talent, building on your strengths to find and keep the best people.

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