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Every client is special, every project is different. However, what is consistent at our firm is the feedback we receive from our clients.

"Myron Weber from Northwood Advisors has played an instrumental role in the strategy, roadmap, and successful implementation of Business Intelligence at the Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce. As a trusted advisor, Myron was involved right from the start in the launch of our Performance Solution Center. We appreciate that he has deep technical understanding and, at the same time, is able to think strategically, as well as interact credibly with management and staff at all levels of the organization. The contribution of Northwood Advisors helps us drive higher ROI from every dollar spent on BI."

Patrick Neeley, CFO, Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce

"Patagonia has a long history with Northwood Advisors' founder, Myron Weber. His experience runs deep, and there is a tremendous amount of trust between him and our leadership team. He brings a broad range of skills and a great mix of understanding of the business, financial and technical requirements needed to bridge departments and unify our efforts. Myron knows what every layer of BI strategy means to our business, and his expertise and guidance are invaluable."

Sandy Buechley, Business Intelligence Manager, Patagonia

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