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Myron Weber, Managing Partner.

Myron WeberMyron Weber is Founder and Managing Partner at Northwood Advisors. In this role, he pursues his passion for helping others excel, applying his unique mix of technical expertise, insights based on systems thinking, creative approaches to solving problems, and 20+ years of diverse business experience. He also produces the Real Time Decisions Webcast, a podcast and blog on business decision systems.

Myron’s journey to launching Northwood Advisors includes his role as CTO, Partner, and Board Member of CBH Consultants from 1998 until he and his partners sold the company to Management Consulting Group (MCG) in 2007. Continuing to work for MCG subsidiaries, Myron served as CTO of Parson Consulting and Partner in Kurt Salmon until he founded Northwood Advisors in 2011.

Prior to his tenure at CBH, Myron had worked as a programmer & systems engineer, as well as several years working in public and non-profit economic development in the US and over 3 years in Asia.

Myron was recognized in 2011 as an IBM Champion for Business Analytics, reflecting his contribution to advancing BI practices and outcomes for business success. He also serves on the Advisory Board for Aviana Global Technologies.

Myron has a BA from Wabash College and has taken selected post-graduate courses at Indiana University.

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by Myron Weber
Apr 12, 2013
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