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Myron Weber

Myron Weber, Principal         

Myron Weber is a Principal at Northwood Advisors. In this role, he pursues his passion for helping others excel, applying his unique mix of technical expertise, insights based on systems thinking, creative approaches to solving problems, and 20+ years of diverse business experience. He also produces the Real Time Decisions Webcast, a podcast and blog on business decision systems. 

Myron’s journey to launching Northwood Advisors includes his role as CTO, Partner, and Board Member of CBH Consultants from 1998 until he and his partners sold the company to Management Consulting Group (MCG) in 2007. Continuing to work for MCG subsidiaries, Myron served as CTO of Parson Consulting and Partner in Kurt Salmon until he founded Northwood Advisors in 2011.

Prior to his tenure at CBH, Myron had worked as a programmer & systems engineer, as well as several years
   working in public and non-profit economic development in the US and over 3 years in Asia.

   Myron was recognized in 2011 as an IBM Champion for Business Analytics, reflecting his contribution to advancing BI practices and outcomes for 
   business success. He also serves on the Advisory Board for Aviana Global Technologies. 

   Myron has a BA from Wabash College and has taken selected post-graduate courses at Indiana University.           

Suzanne Stauder, Principal           

Suzanne Rose Stauder is Principal and Chief Talent Officer at Northwood Advisors. She brings a passion for building high performance teams with companies who realize their bottom line is intricately linked with the strength of their human capital. She has been recruiting and developing people and organizations for more than 20 years. Her recruiting mission is to make the perfect match for clients and candidates. She succeeds not by playing the traditional numbers game, but by her understanding of business objectives, culture, onboarding and development programs of her partner firms.

Suzanne has been building stellar teams since 6th grade when she inspired three other creative, brilliant students to team up with her on the student council to drive positive changes for her school. Since then, her passion for people, ideas and growth has propelled her through more than 20 years of building talented teams, brought her accolades for building and leading the amazing team that created Teradata’s world-class Certification Program and inspired her to join Northwood Advisors. She now partners with forward-thinking companies to build capabilities within their organizations through full time, temporary and fractional placements of top talent and development and mentoring of their current incredibly valuable resources.

Suzanne was most recently at Kurt Salmon (now Accenture Strategy), having ridden the waves of several mergers and acquisitions, starting at CBH Consulting as Talent Acquisition Director. Prior to that, Suzanne recruited and developed associates and managers as one of Wal-Mart’s first Human Resources District Managers. She started her career with ten incredible years at Teradata, rotating through positions in Training and Development, Staffing, Human Resources, General Manager’s Office, Customer Education and even a stint in Data Warehouse Sales.

Suzanne has a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University in Psychology and Organizational Behavior and a master’s degree from the University of Illinois in Labor and Industrial Relations. She lives in San Clemente with her brilliant solution-architect husband and three sons (building more future talent).           

Joe Baird, Advisor      

Joe Baird is an advisor to Northwood Advisors.  He combines a background in finance, management consulting and analytics to help companies drive improvements in their decision making.  He has worked with Global 100 and Middle Market companies around the world for the past twenty years.  He is also mentors entrepreneurs in Europe and in the US. 

Joe was most recently an executive at IBM responsible for analytics solutions for the firm’s North American Media and Entertainment clients.  Prior to that, he worked with Myron at CBH after founding the firm and serving as its CEO.  He was Managing Partner at Parson Consulting and Managing Partner of Kurt Salmon’s Market Intelligence Center serving the Top 50 global retailers. 

He sits on several boards involved with both technology and sustainability including The Big Data Institute and Restoration Agriculture Development.  He calls home both Southern California and Northern Italy. 

Joe has a BA in mathematics from Humboldt State University and attended executive Graduate programs at both University of Washington and Texas A & M.

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