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Business Intelligence Experts’ “Product Agnostic” Advisory Services are Already Attracting an Impressive Client Roster 

IRVINE, Calif. — Northwood Advisors—a business intelligence (BI) and decision systems advisory firm that helps companies design and implement BI strategy, roadmap, governance and best practices for increased efficiency and greater ROI—has launched in Orange County and is already amassing an impressive client roster, which it’s guiding through BI strategy, roadmap and governance. Northwood Advisors’ founder and managing partner Myron Weber brings more than 20 years of diverse business experience, systems thinking, insight and creativity to his approach. The company has opted to focus purely on advisory services rather than pushing any particular products, and it has become known for its ability to facilitate communication between teams—from the C-suite staff to IT, and everyone in between. Organizations such as ADP, Charming Shoppes Inc., and the Chickasaw Nation are turning to Northwood for help in navigating business intelligence initiatives. 

“Establishing sustainable processes, tools and technology that offer immediate access to important information is more than a critical internal function; it’s a competitive advantage that improves the effectiveness, trajectory and valuation of any business,” says Weber, producer of the “Real Time Decisions Webcast” blog and podcast that discusses business decision systems. “Many of our competitors focus on the technology rather than taking a holistic view of the way a company works, but technology is just a tool. We focus on big picture strategy, because the resulting flow of communications is more important than the products you use to get there. We work with clients in any phase of business intelligence, and we emphasize problem-solving and strategy mapping to make sure that critical information flows and is shared among departments and decision-makers.” 

Northwood Advisors’ team has more than 20 years of experience working with many Fortune 500 companies. Clients turn to Northwood Advisors for help when they struggle to get the information they need to answer business questions and make strategic and operational decisions. Many come to Northwood after experiencing difficulty pulling together spreadsheets, disconnected tools, broken processes and ineffective organizational systems to provide reporting, analysis, planning and forecasting to better run their businesses. They tap Northwood Advisors to close these gaps and apply technology and support decision-making with improved information-sharing plans. 

“Myron Weber from Northwood Advisors has played an instrumental role in the strategy, roadmap, and successful implementation of business intelligence at the Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce,” says Patrick Neeley, CFO of Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce. “As a trusted advisor, Myron was involved right from the start in the launch of our Performance Solution Center. We appreciate that he has deep technical understanding and, at the same time, is able to think strategically, as well as interact credibly with management and staff at all levels of the organization. The contribution of Northwood Advisors helps us drive higher ROI from every dollar spent on BI.” 

The company’s commitment to partnering with clients makes working with Northwood like having high-level business intelligence in-house. BI thought leaders are accessible to clients throughout the process, so clients have access to expert guidance as they roll out and implement new systems and strategies. 

Northwood Advisors also offers on-site training programs designed to equip entire teams with the knowledge and tools for effective and sustainable business intelligence strategy.

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ABOUT NORTHWOOD ADVISORS: Based in Irvine, Calif., Northwood Advisors is a business intelligence and decision systems advisory firm that helps companies design and implement BI strategy, roadmap, governance and best practices for increased efficiency and greater ROI. Northwood Advisors’ powerful on-site training and consulting program allows clients to create departmental alignment and mutual buy-in with key stakeholders of any business intelligence initiative to build a path of least resistance and most profitability. Northwood Advisors’ training is unique, focused and implementable and will equip any team with the practical knowledge and tools for effective and sustainable business intelligence strategy, governance and roadmap. For more information, visit

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