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Data-driven results aligned with strategy

Put better decisions on the table by bringing Northwood Advisors to the table.

We use the metaphor of a table to help us communicate the four essential elements of data-driven business outcomes aligned with strategy - the four legs of the table.

1. Strategy

You know what you want from your business, and Northwood Advisors know how to help you drive results from your strategy. If your decision making processes are not aligned with strategy, then your team could be pushing really hard in the wrong direction. Our expertise and proven methods of aligning decision making processes with your strategy assure that everyone is pushing the direction you want them to.

2. Data

You have a lot of data already, but that doesn't automatically translate to business value. In a typical company the challenge of making data useful is painful and expensive. Northwood Advisors have been down this path countless times and have proven our value in rapidly, painlessly turning obscure data into actionable insight.

In addition, Northwood Advisors license external data sets through our partners, allowing us to provide you targeted consumer, business, and geospatial data sets that exponentially magnify the value of your internal data when we integrate them.

3. Expertise

You are the expert in your business, your industry, and your strategy. Northwood Advisors never pretend that we know those things better than you. But with our decades of experience bringing data-driven decision making processes to hundreds of companies across a multitude of industries, we are experts in quickly assimilating your business expertise and providing practical solutions. We have best practices, data models, and relevant experience we can bring to bear immediately. And, unlike many consulting firms, you will never get a busload of junior consultants we are looking to "get off the bench." We offer seasoned advisors as much or as little as required to get the job done.

4. Tools

Northwood Advisors license world-class analytical tools that we can use to provide you key insights without requiring you to shell out money for additional hardware and software. And when you need to take things in-house, we help you maximize the value of your existing people and software assets, as well as provide guidance if you need to purchase new tools.

Whether Northwood Advisors take on the full workload or balance it with your team, we are able to deliver a wide variety of tangible work products to meet your needs:


We are proud of the success Northwood Advisors' clients have achieved with our involvement. Here are some brief examples:



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