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Many Tough Questions. One Proven Solution - Northwood Advisors

Every organization has hard decisions at the core of its operation.  They are a balance of science and art, drawing from vast amounts of data together with the collective wisdom of your team.  We architect solutions that harness these assets and embed insight at the point of decision.

Over the past two decades, we have helped medium and large organizations around the world answer a wide range of questions.  What are the most important customers on which to focus and how?  What are the medical specialties that will be required over the next decade and where?  What are the facilities and physical resources that are needed to deliver the right products at the right place and price? 

Our core team of principals, analysts and engineers are complemented by a network of experts from across industry, research and academia.  Together with our clients, we work in focused teams in our lab to design not just the solution, but build a working model.  And we help you and your  team then deploy this solution where it is needed.

Companies typically call us for a few reasons...

...First is when they are facing a new analytical problem and are not sure if it is a technology, data or people issue. Secondly, if the organization has been struggling with delivering a mission critical data-driven project, but it continues to extend in time and scope with little results.  Third is when a management team is looking to create a new experience for its customers driven by innovative insight. Regardless of circumstance, technology platform or where you're at in the process, we  can help you break through to an effective solution.

Purely advisory and design. Technology agnostic. No hidden agenda. No bundled approach

Although our knowledge base covers all technology platforms, and we have hands-on experience architecting, modeling, coding, and designing enterprise-wide systems, we have chosen to focus purely on advisory and design.  That means no bias in the choice of solutions or the integration and development options.  

We also opted to develop acumen in Human and Cultural Psychology, an often overlooked, but necessary ingredient to understanding how projects move from theory, to application, through the culture to measurement and success. This helps to bridge between business and IT, your customer plus your entire ecosystem.  

Big firm experience. Small firm feel and attentiveness

No matter what size company, it doesn't take a village or a busload of consultants to achieve success. So rather than hire a big firm where key players come for the pitch, only to risk your work or account being turned over to who knows what, our advisors are C-level, stay in the game thought-leaders that are renowned for their expertise, respected for their integrity and committed to stay along-side as true business partners throughout the relationship. It’s like having a Chief Analytics or Innovation Officer in house; there when you need it, but without the burdened cost.

We start by listening. We continue listening

At Northwood, we never underestimate the value of great questions. Through detailed discovery processes we are able to determine the best course of action while considering all aspects of your company and its realities. In some cases we recommend advisory services, other times our innovation lab or a rapid prototype.  Either way, your interests remain primary. We look forward to serving you.

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