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Succeeding with Business Intelligence:

2 Days of Practical Training to Move BI toward ROI

The on-site BI training provided by Northwood Advisors is unique, focused and implementable. Based on feedback from our clients, it is highly effective and will equip you with practical knowledge and tools for effective and sustainable BI Strategy, Roadmap and Governance.

"I had a lot of misconceptions about BI. It’s a lot clearer now."

"Our whole team is on the same page – speaking the same language."
"I thought it would be over my head, but I really understand BI now."

What is Unique About Our BI Training?

  • It’s focused on your business, specifically – not on the trendiest technology or the latest hot new vendor. This workshop is all about educating and equipping your organization to function as a coordinated team focused on BI success.
  • Our materials and delivery ensure the content is relevant and engaging for technical and non-technical members of your team, including executives, managers, analysts, and users.

Areas of Learning

  • Applying essential concepts of Performance Optimization as the foundation of BI
  • How the advantages of Business Intelligence translate into business benefits
  • Aligning BI Strategy with corporate strategic objectives
  • BI Governance and Data Governance in theory and practice
  • Building a multi-dimensional Roadmap for BI with the building blocks of Business Outputs, Data, Technology, and Organizational Capability
  • Leveraging data efficiently and effectively
  • Systems thinking principles that are key to BI success – eliminating bottlenecks and improving ROI
  • BI Best Practices and Tools for putting the strategy and roadmap into practice
  • Evaluating vendors and technology options to support your BI Strategy


Ideal class size for the BI training & workshop is 15-20 people. It can be done with as little as 10. If you want to include more than 20 people, Northwood Advisors will need to approve that in advance. You will need to provide a training facility that includes adequate seating for all participants, a projector and whiteboard/flipchart, as well as some open space for group activities. In addition, the 2-day workshop format requires a seating configuration that facilitates group communication. It is important that the training facilities accommodate the interaction of the workshop or that a nearby conference room be available for various workshop portions.

Why is it Effective?

  • Northwood Advisors are thought leaders in BI. We also have extensive experience in psychology, training and adult education meaning the materials and delivery are crafted to communicate key, actionable ideas in a memorable way.
  • Knowledge is necessary, but alone, it is insufficient for success, so we focus on building your team’s knowledge along with teamwork, skills, and motivation.
  • We leave behind practical, valuable tools – tested and proven for over a decade – that your team can use to further your BI efforts.

2-day Workshop Format

  • Our 2-day workshop format mixes classroom-style delivery with group working sessions to begin applying the concepts to your environment in real time.
  • The format blends our training with our advisory consulting to give you a powerful jumpstart in starting or revitalizing your BI efforts.
  • We are available post workshop to help with any aspect of Business Intelligence.

Attendees and Training Logistics

  • The course is relevant, pragmatic and valuable for all your key BI stakeholders
  • Executives who are key sponsors, consumers, or approvers of BI
  • Senior managers and middle managers who own the delivery and analysis of data for decision-making, and strategic direction
  • IT and BI team members who are responsible for data and reporting.

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